Welcome to Christian Psychological Services Essex

Restoration and Transformation with Psychological Therapy

I am an Essex based Christian and an experienced professional clinical psychologist, fully accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council, and the British Psychological Society.

Why is this special?

I am committed to helping people of any faiths or none, I specialise in helping Christians who value the opportunity to talk to a psychologist or therapist who understands their faith and values. As a practising Christian, I have explored in depth the integration of Christianity and Psychology. This means:

Every person that I see needs to be related to with utmost respect because of their intrinsic worth.
Knowing ourselves is essential to a commitment to helping others. The pursuit of such knowledge includes studies in theology as well as psychology, personal therapy and ongoing supervision.
I thoroughly believe in accountability as a therapist. That is why I am a member of national UK accrediting and professional organisations such as BPS,  HCPC & ACP-UK.
I understand psychological disorders and emotional problems to be determined by many factors including spirituality, so that I cannot provide trite or easy answers. Utilising experience and training, I aim to help those that I meet with, to discover the best outcome for their life, and its circumstances.